Tichonet-Alterman is a high school in Tel Aviv, Israel that opened its doors in 2012. The school is unique because it is paperless; all the content and class materials are saved in a cloud format, and only saved digitally. There are approximately 1400 students from grades seven through twelve, and 135 teachers and staff members

Tichonet - Alterman; Tel- Aviv Yafo, Israel Tichonet-Alterman is a high school in Tel Aviv, Israel that opened its doors in 2012. The school is unique because it is paperless; all the content and class materials are saved in a cloud format, and only saved digitally. There are approximately 1400 students from grades seven through twelve, and 135 teachers and staff members. Tichonet was founded through the initiative of Mr. Ram Cohen, who was previously the principal at "Ironi Aleph" High School for the Arts and the "Jordan" Elementary School in Tel Aviv. At Tichonet students usually study in groups, work in open spaces, utilize online resources, work collaboratively on shared documents and open programs, and more. The Centre for Educational Technology provides and supports the virtual learning environment for Tichonet. All the materials and assignments are developed by the school's highly motivated educators. They are organized in a "Moodle" platform which is customized for the school's needs and enables the teachers to enrich the learning experience. The school uses laptops for all its learning needs, making it the first paperless high school, where everything is digital and cloud based. The curriculum focuses on the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, and computer science), social sciences, Jewish philosophy, citizenship, society, economics, Arabic, English, math, history, literature, photography and a unique course: urban innovation. The building is structured to include many open and bright spaces. It includes “transparent rooms-“spaces that allow for the convergence of collaborative learning groups. These rooms also provide spaces for learning outside of the regular classrooms. The school has a large library with varied seating options for all learners, an auditorium that seats 310 people, a sports arena with room for 1000 seats that is used for sporting events and performances, a playground, and courtyards. The designers of the building received the Rokach Prize for Architecture in 2015. The organization stated, “The high school offers an open school concept that creates synergy between the school and the buildings around it.” Vision We aim to educate our students for life in an advanced urban environment, which strives to maintain rich communal life in several aspects: culturally, socially and civically. We believe there is a way in which we can preserve the sense of belonging and intimacy amongst residents of a major metropolitan area that may occasionally experience a sense of alienation and seclusion. We must search for a way in which a person can be involved and become influential in his / her respective community's every-day affairs from a young age, in order to promote social equality amongst different parts of the urban population. The Ultimate Aim We aim to promote meaningful and relevant learning for the necessary skills and realities of the 21st century while encouraging students to acquaint themselves with both their social and physical environments, and to take an entrepreneurial initiative within their urban and communal surroundings. From Theory to Practice Three dimensions of education guide our practices: pluralistic, political and global education. We seek to promote a critical, challenging and proactive discourse on civil issues and social injustices through discussions, conversations and meetings with leaders and inspiring people. We combine a variety of fields of study and entrepreneurial skills that allow students to experiment with initiating and leading projects, for example: in the course "Responsibility to Israel 2048" in the general education framework, the students are required to initiate projects that encourage public and communal responsibility. Within the framework of a unique trend of urban innovation, students are asked to promote responses to the challenges of the city in the future. In addition, the "Future Entrepreneurs of Tichonet" team of 24 students was established to learn how to initiate Startups from the very first stage to a significant prototype. We promote global learning of young people around the world on common universal issues through online learning (such as blogs or video conferences). The students take part in various projects: "Global Scholars", Tony Blair's program "Generation Global" and youth exchange delegations on various subjects (such as "the Berlin Youth Delegation" on the subject of gender during the Holocaust, and today in Berlin and Tel Aviv). Uniqueness The school has a research and development center whose goal is to provide an infrastructure and space for entrepreneurial activity for students. The school has a partnership with the teacher-training program at Lewinsky College, Kibbutzim College of Education and Tel-Aviv University. The R & D team accompanies the teacher training and assists in promoting initiatives from the pilot stage through to systemic assimilation and even distribution outside the high school. Each development is accompanied by internal research, evaluation and control. R & D takes care to cooperate with entrepreneurial companies such as Forex, Microsoft, or the Israeli Defense Forces Intelligence Unit. The study of robotics and technology takes place at the "Judy and Josh Weston Technology and Science Center", which covers about 300 square meters on the ground floor of the school. There are five robotics teams from Tichonet competing in "First" competitions. In addition, the school hosts various robotics conferences and competitions. The school's robotics teams operate under the name "Makers Assemble #5951” and is made up of 100 students from grades eight through eleven. In addition to the robotics teams, the complex also includes 3D printers that enable learning of one of the leading technologies of the 21st century. The space includes workshops in the fields of mechanical engineering and electronics. In the year 2011, the robotics department began a joint project with Microsoft International, printing artificial hands for children born without a hand in the framework of the project "Give me a hand in 3D.” Tichonet - Alterman_ Tel- Aviv Yafo Israel.pdf